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  • How can I contact SriKannanStores.com ?

    No 189, Long Bazaar,
    Vellore – 632004.
    Phone: +91 0416 2226729
    Mobile: +91 9488936729
    Email : SriKannanStore@yahoo.co.in

  • How do I place an order ?

    Select the products you want to buy by clicking addtocart button. Click Shopping Cart link to view your selected products, in that click edit shopping cart link to edit your quantities of your products. Click continue shopping link to continue your shopping until its complete. After completion click checkout button to place your order.
    Please visit How to order online

  • How do I make payments?

    You can also use our Cash On Delivery (COD) method. For more details contact us SriKannanStore@yahoo.co.in

  • How are the items delivered ?

    All the items will be neatly packed after quality check and hand delivered by our special delivery team throughout Vellore & Thiruvannamalai.

  • What if there has been a change in the recipient's address?

    You must inform us of this change at least 1 day before the date of delivery or your order may be delivered to the wrong address for which we will not be held responsible.

  • Are the items delivered as per the display on the webpage?

    The products will match the image on the webpage as the images have been sourced from the vendors from whom the final order is going to be sourced. But SriKannanStore, reserves in its absolute discretion, to deliver a similar / alternate product for reasons beyond its control and the same will be notified to the customer .

  • How can I confirm that the item has been delivered on-time ?

    After the delivery we'll send you a confirmation of Delivery by email. It shall contain information on date, time of delivery, name of recipient, return message from the recipient for you, etc.

  • How much time do you take to deliver after order has been made ?

    We normally deliver within 24 hours time from the time you placed your order except Sunday and Public holidays.

  • Why Should I register with SriKannanStores.com?

    Registered user may enjoy the benefits like Order Tracking System, Address Book, Regular updates about the latest products and various offers available at SriKannanStores.com. Once you registered with us, the next time purchases will be easier, in a way the system will be automatically loaded in the billing information and delivery details from the address book.

  • Can I send some personal instruction about my order ?

    Yes, you can send personal instruction. Just type in your message in the message box in the order form.

  • Is there any Shipping charges involved?

    There is no Delivery charges involved right now.

  • What if I have to cancel my order ?

    All orders placed can be cancelled if the cancel requests is placed within 12hrs from the time the order is placed.

  • What if the ordered item is out of stock or not available for shipping ?

    In case if an ordered item is not available for shipping or if it is out of stock, SriKannanStore would promptly inform the buyer by email or phone.

  • What about the Privacy of my information ?

    We consider the privacy of our customers very important. We are in the business of serving you, not selling your information. Your name, address information, and credit card information are collected only to fulfill your order. We will occasionally send email to our customers notifying them of special promotions or significant changes to our web site. If you do not wish to have notifications sent to you, just send us an email with "Do not send me email" as the subject.